Pôle Welcome Club 2019/2020

"I am really glad and proud of the fact that I get to take a concrete part in our school’s international life. I do deeply believe that such exchanges between people are priceless opportunities to meet amazing people and to discover new cultures. Therefore, I hope that every exchange student will find their place at the ENSCL and that they will feel like they belong there."

Laurie Camoin, vice présidente

Le Welcome Club te permet de voyager toute l’année grâce à ses repas multiculturels ! Une soirée pour découvrir une culture et ses spécialités culinaires, que chacun peut ramener et les partager tous ensemble.

Mais c’est aussi un voyage organisé pour découvrir ou redécouvrir et partager ensemble de bons moments.

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Pole Welcome Club - ENSCL 2019-2020

The main objective of the Welcome Club is to integrate foreign students as much as possible into the life of the school but also to introduce French students to new cultures.
First of all, we are committed to welcoming foreign students as soon as they arrive in France. To this end, we will support them in the management of administrative documents and their installation in Lille. We will also introduce them to the environment in which the school is located, passing through the most pleasant places in Lille and the beautiful culture that is there.
During the year, we will also offer all students events to discover new cultures and places, through meals and fun group activities as well as a trip. These exchanges will allow everyone to open up a little more to the world around them and create links with new people so that we all feel a little more at home in our school.



Vice-Présidente: Laurie Camoin


Vice-secretaire: Estelle Diaz